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Higher Yields

Fast2Grow® stimulates vegetative growth and flowering.

Plant Health

Fast2Grow® promotes disease immunity and drought resistance.

Fertilizer Efficiency

Fast2Grow® enhances plant nutrient uptake reducing the need for mineral fertilizers.


Fast2Grow® can be co-applied with other products in tank

Fast2Grow® is a powerful poultry manure-derived Auxiliary Fertilizer.

Fast2Grow® is produced through a proprietary, high-temperature fermentation process that enriches plant-growth enhancing microorganisms, micro nutrients, trace bioactive compounds, and has an effect like naturally occurring phytohormones. This high-performance product will serve as an essential supplement to the traditional plant nutrition programs for your farm, garden, nursery, or landscaping business. Fast2Grow® will boost growth and development of many different crop varieties and cultivars in diverse growing conditions.
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